CoHadoop: Flexible Data Placement and Its Exploitation in Hadoop

Provided by: VLD Digital Topic: Data Management Date Added: Sep 2011 Format: PDF
Hadoop has become an attractive platform for large-scale data analytics. In this paper, the authors identify a major performance bottleneck of Hadoop: its lack of ability to colocate related data on the same set of nodes. To overcome this bottleneck, they introduce CoHadoop, a lightweight extension of Hadoop that allows applications to control where data are stored. In contrast to previous approaches, Co-Hadoop retains the flexibility of Hadoop in that it does not require users to convert their data to a certain format (e.g., a relational database or a specific file format). Instead, applications give hints to CoHadoop that some set of files are related and may be processed jointly; CoHadoop then tries to colocate these files for improved efficiency.

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