Communication Efficiency of Anti-Jamming Broadcast in Large-Scale Multi-Channel Wireless Networks

Uncoordinated Frequency Hopping (UFH) and Collaborative UFH (CUFH) are viable countermeasures for jamming attacks without dependency on pre-shared secret keys. In this paper, the authors analytically evaluate their communication efficiency in large-scale networks, where the number of nodes n is large and may even exceed the number of channels C. Such a large-system analysis is pertinent to emerging complex networks and systems, and helps them reveal the scaling behavior of the system performance with respect to the network size and other important system parameters. In particular, they show that the average network broadcast delay incurred by UFH scales as O (C ln n), while that incurred by CUFH scales as O (ln n) when C = o (ln n).

Provided by: Xiamen University Topic: Mobility Date Added: Nov 2011 Format: PDF

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