Comparison of Ant Based Routing Protocols in Ad Hoc Networks

Mobile Ad Hoc NETworks (MANETS) are infrastructure less network consisting of mobile nodes, with constantly changing topologies that communicate via a wireless medium. Therefore, routing is a challenging issue in MANETs. Swarm Intelligence (SI) is an artificial intelligence technique based around on the study of collective behavior in decentralized, self-organized systems. Ant Colony Optimization is popular among other Swarm Intelligent Techniques. In this paper a detailed comparison of different Ant based algorithms is presented. The algorithms discussed here are Ant-Net Routing, Ant Colony based Routing Algorithm Routing, Ad hoc Networking with Swarm Intelligence Algorithm, Termite Routing Algorithm.

Provided by: International Journal of Advanced Research in Computer Science and Software Engineering (IJARCSSE) Topic: Mobility Date Added: Apr 2012 Format: PDF

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