Comparison of Routing Metrics in 802.11n Wireless Mesh Networks

Provided by: University at Albany
Topic: Networking
Format: PDF
The authors conduct the first experimental study of the performance of link quality-based routing metrics in an 802.11n Wireless Mesh Network (WMN). Link quality-based metrics have been shown to significantly outperform the traditional hop-count metric but they have only been evaluated over legacy 802.11a/b/g radios. The new 802.11n standard introduces a number of enhancements at the MAC and PHY layers (MIMO technology, channel bonding, frame aggregation, short guard interval, and more aggressive modulation and coding schemes) marking the beginning of a new generation of 802.11 radios. Their study in a 21-node indoor 802.11n WMN testbed reveals that the gains of link quality-based metrics over the hop-count metric in legacy 802.11 WMNs do not carry over in 802.11n MIMO WMNs.

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