Connect Sales & Service Around the Customer

Technology — especially easy-to-use cloud software built for business people — is no longer just a concern for the technologist in the IT group. Cloud technology is on the minds of the entire C-suite in today’s growing businesses: CEOs, COOs, CFOs, and VPs of Sales and Service are all thinking about how to strategize for booming growth that scales and disrupts.

Leaders are increasingly looking to transform the customer experience to differentiate their business. With instant, personalized service at every step, companies can engage with their customers in a whole new way along the customer journey.

This is a critical time in customer service as service leaders transition from a cost center to a strategic growth engine. Today, the Service department is responsible for delivering service that not only solves a problem, but also delivers a 1:1 conversational experience that builds customer loyalty. With service connected to a complete CRM, businesses access complete customer insights across all departments. 

For businesses of any size to succeed today, leadership must be laser-focused on transforming the customer’s experience for the better. In this playbook, we’ll evaluate the tradeoffs and advantages of different approaches to investing in software that helps you sell and service customers for a superior customer journey that scales.

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