Connecting the Dots: Human and Technological Solutions

Building a true cybersecurity solution starts by connecting the human side of security with the technological side. The two elements should work together to build a solid wall of protection around your organization that keeps your business running smoothly while keeping the cybercriminals out of your network.

But where do you start? How do you begin to tackle the many complexities of cybersecurity?

Find the answers in our ebook, Connecting the Dots: How Human and Technological Solutions Work Together to Protect Your Company. We cover such topics as:

• How a true cybersecurity solution does not just prevent attacks, but also predicts, detects and responds to them

• Why “multi-layered” means bringing your company’s executives and employees into your cybersecurity strategy

• What does machine learning really mean?

• What role does threat intelligence play in cybersecurity?

• How can big data contribute to a better technological solution?

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