Consolidating Oracle E-Business Suite on Oracle’s SPARC SuperCluster Technical Whitepaper

Modern business application deployments such as ERP can be complex, time-consuming, and expensive to deploy, with many interoperating and customized components. In order to provide mission-critical operation, applications, databases, operating systems, servers, networking, storage management, and backup software, must all be configured correctly. Identifying bottlenecks, tuning the database, optimizing server and storage performance, and ensuring the availability of key systems are all essential to ensure that service-level agreements are met. Complicating matters, sourcing infrastructure components and from a wide variety of vendors—with their separate support contracts and organizations—can add risk, complexity, and cost to an already challenging process.

Oracle’s SPARC SuperCluster addresses these concerns by providing an innovative way to accelerate deployment and reduce operational costs throughout the Oracle E-Business Suite lifecycle. Multiple layers of Oracle E-Business Suite infrastructure can be consolidated onto a high performance, highly available SPARC SuperCluster system to reduce total cost of ownership (TCO) and improve Oracle E-Business Suite deployment speed, application performance, and availability. Integrated in a preconfigured, pretested, and ready-to-deploy SPARC SuperCluster engineered system, the solution provides a complete and optimized infrastructure for Oracle E-Business Suite, built around robust compute, networking, storage, virtualization, and management resources. Using SPARC SuperCluster, Oracle E-Business Suite administrators are left free to concentrate on the application itself while relying on a carefully predefined and pretested hardware and software infrastructure. This technical white paper describes the deployment of Oracle E-Business Suite on SPARC SuperCluster. It includes an example mapping for consolidating production, QA, and disaster recovery (DR) systems within the flexible SPARC SuperCluster framework along with development and test systems.

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