Constructing a Two-Level Topology-Aware Distributed Hash Table With a Hierarchical Network Coordinate System

Distributed Hash Tables (DHTs) may suffer from a high look-up latency due to the issue of topology mismatching between the overlay and the physical underlying network. To handle this problem, recently, some researchers use Network Coordinates (NCs) to construct topology-aware DHTs (e.g. Canary). However, these proposed DHTs still have room to be improved due to the inaccuracy of NCs. To construct a more efficient DHT, in this paper, the authors propose hCanary: a two-level topology-aware CAN. The novelty of hCanary is that it uses a hierarchical NC system - Pharos to generate more accurate NCs to construct multiple local topology-aware overlays over a global topology-aware CAN to reduce look-up latency.
Provided by: China University of Geosciences Topic: Networking Date Added: Aug 2011 Format: PDF

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