Constructing Time-Varying Contact Graphs for Heterogeneous Delay Tolerant Networks

Provided by: University of Al-Jabal Al-Gharbi
Topic: Mobility
Format: PDF
Human mobility, hence the movement pattern of mobile devices, often confines to relatively local geographic areas. Such a movement pattern reduces the opportunities for a message to be disseminated to a more global geographical region using the encounter-based "Store-carry-forward" routing approach. On the other hand, different local areas often overlap to cover the entire region. A feasible communication architecture to help message dissemination is to deploy static storage- and communication devices at those overlapping areas to serve as relays between the local areas. In this paper, the authors introduce the method to derive the simulation model for this heterogeneous network from contact trace and GPS trace of buses. Their main focus is to model communication properties between the static nodes and the mobile nodes.

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