eLearning and continuing education policy


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  • Published June 10, 2020
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Regardless of its industry or business, an enterprise can only reach the level of success that is achievable by the people that exist within that enterprise. Strategic plans, marketing campaigns, new product designs, technological innovations, etc. are all dependent on skilled people. If your enterprise views labor as a cost to be controlled rather than an investment to be grown and cultivated, then you are operating at a competitive disadvantage.

One of the more effective ways to invest in your workforce is with a comprehensive eLearning and continuing education policy. By providing financial assistance and the promise of career advancement, organizations can incentivize employee skill development--both in-person and remotely--while simultaneously investing in a better future for all its stakeholders.

This eLearning and continuing education policy template from TechRepublic Premium provides a customizable framework you can use to create a development incentive package for your organization.

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