Cooperative MAC Protocol Using Active Relays for Multi-Rate WLANs

Cooperative communications using relays in wireless networks have similar effects of multiple-input and multiple-output without the need of multiple antennas at each node. To implement cooperation into a system, efficient protocols are desired. In IEEE 802.11 families such as a/b/g, mobile stations can automatically adjust transmission rates according to channel conditions. However, throughput performance degradation is observed by low-rate stations in multi-rate circumstances resulting in so-called performance anomaly. In this paper, the authors propose Active Relay-based Cooperative Medium Access Control (AR-CMAC) protocol, in which active relays desiring to transmit their own data for cooperation participate in relaying, and it is designed to increase throughput as a solution to performance anomaly.

Provided by: Khartoum International Community School Topic: Networking Date Added: Oct 2011 Format: PDF

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