Unified Communications & Collaboration

Let’s try something. Stand up at your cubicle, or walk out of your office, or jump on your instant messenger, and ask two people to define Unified Communications & Collaboration (UC&C).

What was the result? For most people in your shoes, the result is hearing multiple, sometimes disparate definitions of UC&C.

There’s a good reason for that disconnect. But for our purposes, let’s define UC&C in broad terms. UC&C is a common platform for communications, both internally and externally, within an enterprise organization. The components included in any UC&C solution — voice, IM, video, etc. — will vary from organization to organization. At any rate, UC&C brings all those communication lines together into a seamless integration for the end users.

Despite all of the confusion about what UC&C represents, how it should be implemented, and what its capabilities are, the truth is actually quite simple: UC&C is the logical next step for enterprise communications. And whichever way you look at it, failing to update your communication technologies is a surefire way to diminish your organization’s operational and competitive capabilities.

Wherever you are in your journey to IP-enabled communications, Level 3 has the resources to provide you with greater flexibility, enduring

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