CPW Fed Circular Truncated Patch Antenna for Modern Wireless Communication System

Provided by: International Journal of Science, Technology and Management (IJSTM)
Topic: Networking
Format: PDF
In this paper, a wideband antenna design approach is proposed to produce a single antenna that can be used by various wireless technologies using different frequencies from 1.3 to 5.1GHz, covering Wi-Fi frequencies at 2.4- 2.48GHz 5.1GHz as well as WiMAX frequencies at 2.3-2.4GHz, 2.495-2.695GHz, 3.3-3.8GHz. The antenna construction consist of a truncated circular patch with a CoPlanar Waveguide (CPW) fed line, designed on an 0.8mm thick of FR4 epoxy dielectric substrate with length 33mm,width 40mm.

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