Creating IT Capacity to Transform Business (German)

In a time of digital transformation, the risks of inaction to optimize resources are significant. Organizations risk time to market, increased costs, and the ability to innovate fast enough. They also have the potential to miss business opportunities for growth by under-utilizing their most important asset: their people.
IT organizations of all maturity levels know how important capacity planning is for digital transformation, but many view it as too big a challenge. This is a myth. It is solvable, with the right team leading the charge and the right tools for the job.
Read this Guidebook for IT Leaders with takeaways about:

  • Top 5 pain points that dictate the steps to maturity
  • Repositioning the PMO from project schedule compliance to portfolio prioritization and capacity planning is critical
  • A strategic PMO that enables decision making for a more adaptable organization
  • Portfolio and resource management software is a key enabler to solve pain points; spread sheets and enterprise resource planning are meant to solve other problems
  • Continual planning is a leading practice to elevate the PMO and capitalize on digital transformation opportunities
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