Creating your own future proof Private Cloud with a Software-Defined Datacentre solution (French)

In today’s highly-virtualised world, companies are demanding even more from the Cloud, and ever since VMware paved the way, the Software-Defined Datacentre (SDDC) has been hailed as the next step.

In this article, we aim to demystify the software-defined approach and run through the basic building blocks and drivers pushing SDDC Private Cloud adoption.

If your current infrastructure is based on dedicated servers, an SDDC can help you scale in a controlled, effective way.

For example, you might maintain your primary infrastructure to an SDDC, while maintaining dedicated servers for specific applications (such as databases or ERPs).

This means the focus can be shifted from the day-to-day maintenance of physical hardware to the effective deployment of virtual machines, helping teams make more effective use of their time.

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