Cross Layer Transport Layer Approach for Multihop Wireless Sensor Network

The traditional network is layered designed. Most network architectures of the radio network are also layered. In the layered design, each layer just is responsible for its own task. This can make the design more easily, and the network architecture adapted more application. But this also may make the design not efficient. Because each layer does it's only job and does not know the other layer's status. For example, in many applications of wireless sensor networks, the MAC layer will shutdown the transceiver when the MAC layer thinks no data packet to send. But if when the node shutdown the transceiver, the routing layer thinks it is time to send a hello packet or something else, the node must reopen the transceiver.

Provided by: International Journal of Scientific and Research Publication (IJSRP) Topic: Mobility Date Added: Jan 2013 Format: PDF

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