Cryptanalysis of a Substitution-Permutation Network Using Gene Assembly in Ciliates

Provided by: Scientific Research
Topic: Security
Format: PDF
In this paper, the authors provide a novel approach for breaking a significant class of block ciphers, the so-called SPN ciphers, using the process of gene assembly in ciliates. Their proposed scheme utilizes, for the first time, the Turing-powerful potential of gene assembly procedure of ciliated protozoa into the real world computations and has a fewer number of steps than the other proposed schemes to break a cipher. They elaborate notions of formal language theory based on AIR systems, which can be thought of as a modified version of intra-molecular scheme to model the ciliate bio-operations, for construction of building blocks necessary for breaking the cipher and based on these nature-inspired constructions which are as powerful as Turing machines, they propose a theoretical approach for breaking SPN ciphers.

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