CTO’s view: Workplace of the future. It’s not where you go but what you do.

The one certainty around the workplace in 2030 is that the human need for recognition and reward will not have changed. People will still want to do the best job possible in the most efficient and effective manner. However, the tools that they use will have changed dramatically due to technology advances that we can confidently predict over the next 20 years.

It is important to understand these technology advances because they will cause the disruption of whole industries, destroy certain job types and create yet unenvisaged new jobs. Advances which are out of the realm of reality today will become possible when you have 4 orders of magnitude improvement in computing capability. So what are these technology advances?

Hear what Hugh Bradlow, Chief Technology Officer, Telstra, has to say on information and communication technologies (ICT) and its Mega- trends.

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