Cyber Resilience - Implement the right security strategy now (Italian)

Provided by: Symantec
Topic: Security
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Increasing visibility into Cyber Risk and understanding its potential impact should be an essential element of an organisation’s strategy. Eliminating this risk is impossible and impedes agility. Accepting the right level of risk supports innovation. This is Cyber Resilience.
Symantec, and its partners, have built the broadest security portfolio. Growing up with the threat of Cyber, Symantec’s integrated portfolio creates Cyber-Resilience as customers:
  • Become fully-informed on which security issues matter most to their organization.
  • Use this knowledge to keep all their colleagues informed of their responsibilities.
  • Guide executive teams to weigh competitive advantages against an on-going never-seen-before Cyber Risk.
The Cyber genie no longer fits back in the bottle. Basic Cyber-Resilience needs to become enterprise-wide. Symantec proposes a new strategic partnership between the security function and business leaders, to balance competitive advantage against the inescapable Cyber Risks of today - to become not Cyber Risk-free, but Cyber Resilient.

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