Cybercrime Tactics and Techniques Q1 2019

Enterprises, beware. Threat actors are continuing to eye businesses for high returns on investment in Q1 2019, breaching infrastructure, exfiltrating or holding data hostage, and abusing weak credentials for continued, targeted monitoring. From a steadfast increase of pervasive Trojans, such as Emotet, to a resurgence of ransomware lodged against corporate targets, cybercriminals are going after organizations with a vengeance.

As we head into the rest of 2019, there are numerous potential dangers that linger based on what we’ve already seen this year. These threats span from new vulnerabilities to organizations struggling with the influx of threats to their infrastructure and reputation. We always hope that our predictions don’t come true, but just in case we’re right (and we have been right before), it’s a good idea to keep an eye out for these possible futures.

2019 is off to an action-packed start in cybercrime, and if the last couple quarters are an indication of developments to come, then businesses are going to have their hands full swatting off attacks from a multitude of vectors. From exploits to ransomware to the ever-sinister Trojan downloader Emotet, threat actors have put serious effort into focusing their nefarious activities at more profitable targets than
individual consumers.

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