Data Center 20/20 - The innovation and revenue engine of the enterprise

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Topic: Virtualization
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Imagine a future where applications become the source of competitive advantage for businesses in most industries. Software can augment products and services and automate workflows, as enterprises innovate to deliver more engaging experiences to mobile users. Those who can conquer information to gauge real-time sentiment and gain insight into customer location and context will further differentiate competitive offerings. But if you're thinking this trend is only about apps and information, think again. The data center of 2020 will underpin every one of these engaging customer experiences. We believe it will become the center for innovation and the revenue engine of the enterprise. How? By enabling the delivery of not only information but also insight. This should let your enterprise ask the right questions, answer them and make the right decisions in real time. IDC forecasts a 50-fold growth in the digital universe from the beginning of 2010 to 2020.

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