Data-Collection Using Clustering Approach in Wireless Sensor Network Design Based on Heuristic Algorithms

Provided by: American journal of Engineering Research (AJER)
Topic: Networking
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Data-gathering Wireless Sensor Networks (WSNs) are operated unattended over long time horizons to collect data in several applications such as those in climate monitoring and a variety of ecological studies. Typically, sensors have limited energy (e.g., an on-board battery) and are subject to the elements in the terrain. In-network operations, which largely involve periodically changing network flow decisions to prolong the network lifetime, are managed remotely and the collected data are retrieved by a user via internet. In this paper, the authors study an integrated topology control and routing problem in cluster-based WSNs. To prolong network lifetime via efficient use of the limited energy at the sensors, they adopt a hierarchical network structure with multiple sinks at which the data collected by the sensors are gathered through the Cluster Heads (CHs).

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