Data Science Finds New Role In The Fight Against Covid-19

Enterprises are eager to unlock the value of their business data using machine learning and are hiring at an unprecedented rate data scientists who require powerful workstations architected specifically for their needs.

Data science is a mixture of big data, hardware and software. Data sets collected over a long period of time tend to be large. If the raw data involves, graphics, audiovisuals, and 3D data (which is usually the case with autonomous vehicle developers), loading and processing it on a consumer-class PC is out of the question. It may even bring a standard CAD workstation to its knees.

The next NVIDIA GPU called the NVIDIA A100, based on the new Ampere architecture, “provides up to 1.5 Terabytes frame buffer bandwidth.

Joining the quest for a vaccine, NVIDIA recently made certain software tools available for free to data scientists analyzing and studying virus data. The company offers 90-day licenses of its genome-sequencing software Parabricks to qualified scientists.

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