Datacast: A Scalable and Efficient Reliable Group Data Delivery Service for Data Centers

Provided by: Association for Computing Machinery
Topic: Mobility
Format: PDF
Reliable Group Data Delivery (RGDD) is a pervasive traffic pattern in data centers. In an RGDD group, a sender needs to reliably deliver a copy of data to all the receivers. Existing solutions either do not scale due to the large number of RGDD groups (e.g., IP multicast) or cannot efficiently use network bandwidth (e.g., end-host overlays). Motivated by recent advances on data center network topology designs (multiple edge-disjoint Steiner trees for RGDD) and innovations on network devices (practical in-network packet caching), the authors propose Data-cast for RGDD. Data-cast explores two design spaces: data-cast uses multiple edge-disjoint Steiner trees for data delivery acceleration. Data-cast leverages in-network packet caching and introduces a simple soft-state based congestion control algorithm to ad-dress the scalability and efficiency issues of RGDD.

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