DDoS Attacks are Relentless. Sure You’re Prepared?

The pace is persistent and the stakes have never been higher. Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks represent a new reality where the strikes have morphed beyond standard and commonplace, and into dangerous and continuous.

In our latest study of more than 1,000 IT professionals, we surveyed the global corporate landscape to find out how DDoS attacks are affecting the connected world.

Here’s what they’re up against:

  • 73% of all organizations suffered a DDoS attack
  • 85% of attacked companies suffered multiple DDoS strikes
  • 49% of respondents would lose $100k or more per hour during peak periods due to a DDoS attack
  • 53% reported finding a virus after the breach

DDoS attacks aren’t showing any signs of abating. Download the report to learn more about today’s DDoS landscape and what you can do to protect your company.

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