Delivering IT to the virtual workforce

Provided by: Citrix Systems
Topic: Virtualization
Format: PDF
Workshifting works for workers. It enables them more freedom than a 9 - 5 office routine. Workshifting also works for employers. They can readily shift workers -- virtually or physically -- from one office to another as needed, or move them closer to customers or project sites and also shift work amongst vendors.

The challenge for IT organisations is to meet corporate requirements for data protection and security while delivering desktops, applications and online collaboration and support tools to virtual workers. In addition, IT must meet workers' requirements: they demand high service levels and ease of use, and often insist on devices of their own choosing. IT must deliver high definition across a wide range of devices to help ensure high productivity for these workers--all the while keeping costs and complexity low.

This Citrix white paper provides a simple guide with a checklist that focuses on four key workshifting requirements.

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