DELL AMD SERVERS: Selecting a Fit-for-Purpose Server Platform for Datacenter Infrastructure

We are noticing a marked shift in the digital economy in terms of how businesses rely on infrastructure. Business priorities are driving workload transformation and placement, which in turn are driving infrastructure transformation. Investing in “fit-for-purpose” workload infrastructure is one of the crucial pillars of this transformational journey. AMD EPYC processors, with up to 64 cores, represent a unique opportunity for addressing the modern workload-optimized infrastructure world.

The IT infrastructure for each business must support any of these operational or strategic needs. The deployment of an infrastructure platform (servers) therefore must be executed in a workload-centric manner.

Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) introduced its AMD EPYC brand of x86-64 microprocessors in 2017. Based on the companyʼs Zen microarchitecture, the server variant of these processors is specifically targeted for computationally and I/O-intensive datacenter and cloud workloads.

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