Dell EMC Application Portfolio Optimization

Organizations are faced with immense challenges as they develop strategies and roadmaps so that they too can realize the promise and efficiencies from modern architectures. IT is being pressured by the agencies’ desire to be more agile and more cost effective. However, the mission cares little about specifications and much more about the end-user’s experience, and that experience is entirely embodied by the application—i.e., how fast applications are deployed, how available they are, how responsive they are, and whether they are causing any lost productivity in the workforce, or impact to mission performance. These are the considerations the organization cares about, not whether the application is running on a shiny new all-flash array or traversing a 40Gb pipe. IT organizations are tasked with providing the best application outcomes possible given finite financial resources. Optimizing the application portfolio by eliminating redundancy and ensuring both existing and new applications run on the best-suited platform is key to the satisfaction of line-of-business constituents and the success of the overall organization.

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