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The last few years have seen a huge shift in the way we consume products and services. From streaming music to leasing cars, we are moving away from owning things and towards paying a monthly cost for using exactly what we need.

PC as a Service (PCaaS) is a modern consumption model for computers, allowing you to access the latest in computing technology, with installation and support included, for an affordable fixed monthly fee.

Technology is increasingly central to the modern classroom, and the continuing struggle for teachers to balance time and resources brings with it a need for simple and effective ways to manage equipment and fully support all users whether at school
or at home.

That’s why Dell Technologies has developed PCaaS – a modern way for schools to
implement technology for use inside and outside the classroom, free from the costs and staff resourcing associated with the traditional ownership model, and with comprehensive, hassle-free support from Dell Technologies from the word go.

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