Dell Precision Workstations for AI

Why developers are turning to ultra-powerful workstations for more creative freedom at less cost.

Research shows that large and small companies alike are using powerful
workstations with even more powerful graphic processing units (GPUs)
as integral parts of their artificial intelligence infrastructure. Are you
among them? If not, you should be.

The market for AI applications is immense and their economic value even greater. Forbes magazine published a roundup of 2019 predictions from leading market researchers as follows:

  • IDC: Worldwide spending on cognitive and AI systems will reach $77.6 billion in 2022,
    more than three times its $24-billion forecast for 2018.
  • McKinsey: AI and machine learning have the potential to create an additional $2.6
    trillion in value by 2020 in marketing and sales, and up to $2 trillion in manufacturing and
    supply chain planning.
  • Gartner: The business value created by AI will reach $3.9 trillion in 2022.

Powerful AI-ready workstations with GPUs are proven workhorses in AI infrastructure deployments. As the Forrester research has shown, companies of all sizes across a wide range of different industries are using them as on-premises AI infrastructure, either as standalone or as complements to data center and cloud HPC parallel-processing capabilities.

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