Department of Defence Australia secured by CA and BST Tech

Business: BSTTech Consulting provides security and information processing solutions to a global customer base, specialising in the defence sector. Headquartered in Australia, it prides itself on being recognised as a thought-leader in security and information sharing.

Challenge: When the Department of Defence (DoD) enlisted its help, BSTTech Consulting needed to offer a solution that would provide the right people with access to the right data while meeting customer requirements around security, cost-efficiency and ease of management.

Solution: BSTTech provided the DoD with a solution based on CA Identity and Access Management that enables integrated security management and is highly scalable so it can expand to meet changing needs without additional cost.

Result: The security platform designed and implemented by BSTTech Consulting has transformed the DoD’s approach to data management by reducing costs and complexity. The success of this project means BSTTech Consulting can prove its status as a leader in the information security field.

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