Desert Contemporary Style: Form Follows Funtion

Before The Architect includes among its clients a couple who bought land in Rancho Mirage, CA (cheek by jowl to Palm Springs). These new landowners commissioned us to help them design their residence. Its style is to be in keeping with the neighborhood; namely, it is Desert Contemporary. Topographically, Rancho Mirage is more or less flat desert floor with mountain views to the South. Geometrically, the same number of same-sized lots could fill up the same development area if the lots were compass-oriented otherwise. The chosen form of lot shape and orientation lets the more probable opportunity of mountain viewing to be minimally obstructed by neighbors? houses to the South. Room layout supports function. Advantaging lines of site quickly becomes practiced and performed nearly naturally. The essence of adaptable design is that it appears to the casual observer as any other residence by its look and by one?s physical movement within it, it being simply altered here and there specifically to accommodate a wider spectrum of personal uses. This is the fun part of the Desert Contemporary. In designing within this architectural style, you end up with different, angled spaces all over. Inside corners. Outside corners. Long walls for insets. Short walls for piercing and transporting natural light.

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