Design and Characterization of a Full-Duplex Multi-Antenna System for WiFi Networks

Provided by: Rice Software Consulting
Topic: Mobility
Format: PDF
In this paper, the authors present an experimental and simulation based study to evaluate the use of full-duplex as a mode in practical IEEE 802.11 networks. To enable the study, they designed a 20 MHz multi-antenna OFDM full-duplex physical layer and a full-duplex capable MAC protocol which is backward compatible with current 802.11. Their extensive over-the-air experiments, simulations and analysis demonstrate the following two results. First, the use of multiple antennas at the physical layer leads to a higher ergodic throughput than its hardware equivalent multi-antenna half-duplex counterparts, for SNRs above the median SNR encountered in practical WiFi deployments. Second, the proposed MAC translates the physical layer rate gain into near doubling of throughput for multi-node single-AP networks.

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