Design Edge-Coupled Stripline Band Pass Filter at 39 GHz

In this paper, the authors propose a edge-coupled stripline band pass filter for 39 GHz application using Ansoft designer/Nexxim V2.2 software and Matlab 2009a software. The filter is operated at Q band frequency range in 39 GHz for various microwave applications & the filter is design on Roger RO6006 substrate with dielectric constant of 6.45, with dimension conductor thickness 0.035 mm and substrate height 0.787 mm. The proposed filter is design at a center frequency of 39 GHz. Simulation results show that the filter operation is optimum over the frequency range 38 GHz to 40 GHz which is best in this range. In this paper, band pass filter order n=3 development with the assistance of the Richards-Kuroda Transformation method is used.

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International Journal of Emerging Technology and Advanced Engineering (IJETAE)