Design, Modeling, and Performance Analysis of Web-Based Multi-Purpose Discovery Middleware in Ubiquitous Environments

Provided by: Science and Development Network (SciDev.Net)
Topic: Software
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Service discovery has become more complicated than it was just a few years ago, because lots of service discovery platforms are introduced for their own purpose. As a result, the devices concurrently existed in such platforms must be equipped with corresponding modules which enable the devices to communicate with other devices. A great deal of papers dealing with service discovery has recently been published, and many efficient and fast searching schemes are proposed, they, however, do not consider the problem of interoperability between discovery protocols, and scalability as well as user's accommodation needs. Therefore, the authors propose a web-based multi-purpose discovery middleware to support discovering in heterogeneous ubiquitous environments, and show that proposed system outperforms in terms of path length and hitting probability.

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