Design of a 16-Bit Non-Pipelined RISC CPU in a Two Phase Drive Adiabatic Dynamic CMOS Logic

Provided by: International Journal of Computer and Electrical Engineering (IJCEE)
Topic: Hardware
Format: PDF
The authors propose a design of a 16-bit RISC CPU core using an adiabatic logic which is called a Two Phase drive Adiabatic Dynamic CMOS Logic (2PADCL), in this paper. The proposed adiabatic RISC CPU is non-pipelined with a latency of three cycles, and also consists of six blocks; an Arithmetic and Logic Unit (ALU), a program counter, a register file, an instruction decoder unit, a multiplexer and a clock control unit. Through the SPICE simulation, the 2PADCL CPU was evaluated for 0.35mm standard CMOS library and was compared with the CMOS CPU. The simulation results show that the power consumption of the adiabatic CPU is about 1/4 compared to that of the CMOS CPU.

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