Design of a Wideband Espar Antenna for DVB-T Reception

Provided by: EMW Publishing
Topic: Mobility
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The design of an optimized Wideband Electronically Steerable Passive Array Radiator (W-ESPAR) antenna, for Terrestrial Digital Video Broadcasting (DVB-T) reception, is proposed. A genetic algorithm is used in order to calculate the positions and lengths of antenna elements (structural parameters) and loading conditions (control parameters). A nine-element W-ESPAR antenna with one element active and eight passive can have one directive beam per channel, with mean gain of 9dBi, reflection factor less than 0.2 and input impedance around 75Ohms. Computer simulations have shown that one main lobe may be achieved in the same direction and for all UHF channels, from 470MHz to 890MHz.

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