Design Strategy for Barrel Shifter Using Mux at 180nm Technology Node

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Provided by: International Journal of Innovative Science and Modern Engineering (IJISME)
Topic: Hardware
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The reversible logic has the promising applications in emerging computing paradigm such as quantum computing, quantum dot cellular automata, optical computing, etc. In reversible logic gates there is a unique one-to-one mapping between the inputs and outputs. Barrel shifter is an integral component of many computing systems due to its useful property that it can shift and rotate multiple bits in a single cycle. The design methodologies considered in this paper targets: reversible logical right shifter, reversible universal right shifter that supports logical right shift, arithmetic right shift and the right rotate, reversible bidirectional logical shifter, reversible bidirectional arithmetic and logical shifter and reversible universal bidirectional shifter that supports bidirectional logical and arithmetic shift and rotate operations.
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