Designing a Customer Obsessed Business – Forrester + IBM

The imperative to be customer obsessed has clearly resonated with companies, but actually redesigning the business with an eye to customer experience goals remains problematic for most. Though many agree with the need to be customer centric, they are still hindered by misaligned priorities and organizational silos, a lack of shared data and advanced tools, and the absence of clear leadership for the initiatives. If companies hope to succeed in the age of the customer, then they must begin to close these gaps in communication, organization, and leadership in order to prioritize creating a more satisfied customer.


  • This Technology Adoption Profile was commissioned by IBM.
  • To create this profile, Forrester conducted a custom survey of 100 professionals responsible for decisions regarding customer experience from US companies. Respondents came from B2B and B2C industries and were in marketing, customer experience, or executive management roles.
  • The custom study was completed in September 2016.

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