Designs of All-Optical Higher-Order Signed-Digit Adders Using Polarization-Encoded Based Terahertz-Optical-Asymmetric-Demultiplexer (TOAD)

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Provided by: Scientific Research Publishing
Topic: Hardware
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Various designed circuits for multiple-valued all-optical arithmetic are demonstrated. The Terahertz-Optical-Asymmetric-Demultiplexer (TOAD) switch is used as the basic structure unit in the proposed circuits due to its compact size, thermal stability, and low power operation. The designs of trinary and quaternary signed-digit numbers based adders are presented using different polarized states of light. These proposed polarization-encoded based adders use much less switches and their speeds are higher than the intensity-encoded counterparts. Further, it will be shown that one of the proposed trinary signed-digit adders is twice as fast as a recently reported modified signed-digit adder.
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