Detection of E-Mail Senders With SMTP Extension

Provided by: International Journal of Emerging Technology and Advanced Engineering (IJETAE)
Topic: Security
Format: PDF
E-mail spam is one of the most common problems that the people face in their day to day life. There exists massive number of spams sent from justifiable home computers that comprises of a malware called as bot. The current scheme to identify mail senders called as Domain Keys Identified Mail (DKIM) which cannot identify such spamming bots. They are capable of only identifying email domains and not email addresses of the senders. A delicately complex problem when using no DNS is where to locate their trusted core, rather than the DNS. To cope up with this problem, they are proposing a design to detect the email addresses of senders that do not use DNS, so they embed their scheme into the Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP).

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