Development of Virtual Experiment on 7-Segment Display Decoder Using Virtual Intelligent SoftLab

Provided by: International Journal of Computer Technology and Applications Topic: Software Date Added: Feb 2012 Format: PDF
The authors use the decimal code to represent numbers. Digital electronic circuits in computers and calculators use general the binary code to represents numbers. A common task of decoding from machine language to decimal numbers is encoding. A very common output device to display decimal numbers is the seven segment display. In this paper, they have formulated how experiments on 7-Segment display are performed using the concept of Virtual Intelligent SoftLab (VIS). A 7-Segment display constructed using the Virtual SoftLab and observed actual outputs. The 10 (ten) digits (0-9) are represented by 4-bit input. VIS helps them to create results using visual display. Software for conducting the experimentations in 7-Segment display has been developed which helps students to perform and practice the experiments.

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