Diamond Shaped Symmetrical Slotted Miniaturized Micro Strip Patch Antenna for Wireless Applications

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Provided by: Journal of Theoretical and Applied Information Technology
Topic: Mobility
Format: PDF
A reduced ground plane diamond shaped multiband microstrip slot antenna is proposed. The antenna is designed with two symmetrical slots to form the diamond shape and the patch is fed with a microstripline. The slots make the antenna to have multiple resonances to operate in the frequency bands of 2.15GHz to 7.8GHz with a peak gain of 6.09dB at 6.83GHz and above 2dB in all operating bands achieving a maximum impedance bandwidth of 16.38% in the satellite operating band. The antenna has good radiation characteristics and operates in the C-Band and military X-band making it suitable for Wi-Max, WLAN and satellite applications
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