Digital Success – Depends on Choosing the right Network Vendor (French)

Network is underpinning for digital transformation; it’s digital-ready foundation that will sustain a business as it forges into an uncertain future. Therefore, decision related to the network are very important.

ZK research has observed the purchase decision-making process of many companies over the years – some have and some haven’t.

Consequently, we’ve arrived at a few recommendations to ensure that decisions around choosing a digital-ready network are based on hindsight and sound judgement in order to consider a vendor with a complete set of life cycle services.

Consider your network the platform for digital transformation and if you are transforming your business, the digital-ready-network will be the fulcrum for the entire company.

By reading this report you will learn important evaluation when selecting a vendor:

  • Automation that simplifies the network
  • Total cost of ownership
  • History of innovation
  • Deep visibility with machine learning to optimize performance
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