Digital transformation: How To Provide Them To The Employees (Spanish)

This transformation has two faces: the technological face and the human face. Most IT leaders already they understand the technological side, but they overlook the human: understand that digital transformation effective it’s about technology and, in equal or greater measure, of how people adopt and use technology.

And that applies not only to people in the top of your organisation, but to all the people who they work with you, especially if they interact in a direct way with your customers.

Digital transformation has opened up new possibilities,
but it has also brought heightened security concerns.

Microsoft 365 helps you protect the data with which you’ve been entrusted with intelligent, always-on security that protects data across many device and scenario. A simplified IT environment also makes it easy for your IT team to set up and manage employee devices and services, which reduces the load on your IT team members.

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