Digital Transformation: Moving Beyond the Hype

It’s easy to get distracted by the buzzword “digital transformation.”

On the surface, it seems like more marketing hype. In reality, this term is far more powerful. Digital transformation represents nothing less than the worldwide upheaval around how we conduct business, consume products and services, and interact as a society.

It’s not just about adding a digital component to everything. Digital transformation represents the idea of a company’s business processes becoming digital and more agile. Business is conducted today with a two-way, digital, and global conversation between and among customers, providers, and even competitors.

But what does “digital transformation” mean for your organization? Unlike the hype, it’s not a race to keep up with natively digital startup organizations. Instead, it’s deeper and more grounded in fundamental business practices. Digital transformation provides organizations with the agility and flexibility to serve customers and partners with the information they demand.

CBS Interactive and FIT are proud to present, “Digital Transformation: Moving Beyond the Hype,” a practical guide for surviving and thriving in a radically changing digital world.

  • Learn why digital transformation is more than merely moving IT to the cloud and buying some SaaS services.
  • Explore the real IT foundation underlying digital transformation and how a transformed IT infrastructure can provide the groundwork for new business innovations.
  • Discover tangible best practices and security recommendations to help guide your company on this exciting transformation

Download and read this informative white paper and share it with your colleagues. If you really want to go beyond the hype and get to the meat of digital transformation, this guide is for you.

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