Digital Watermarking and Fingerprinting: A Good Idea for Security

In recent years, the distribution of works of art, including pictures, music, video and textual documents, has become easier. With the widespread and increasing use of the Internet, digital forms of these media are easily accessible. Digital documents are easy to copy and distribute. There are a number of methods for protecting ownership. One of these is known as digital watermarking. Digital watermarking is the enabling technology to prove ownership on copyrighted material, detect originators of illegally made copies, monitor the usage of the copyrighted multimedia data and analyze the spread spectrum of the data over networks and servers. Embedding of unique customer identification as a watermark into data is called fingerprinting to identify illegal copies of documents.

Provided by: International Journal of Application or Innovation in Engineering & Management (IJAIEM) Topic: Security Date Added: Feb 2013 Format: PDF

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