Digital Workflows Take Machine and Worker Safety to a New Level

One of the areas the Internet of Things (IoT) is revolutionizing is safety. Thanks to the rise of smart, connected devices, manufacturers have unprecedented levels of visibility into the operating conditions of machines, the wellbeing of workers and the state of their plants.

From wearable devices that capture a worker’s biometric data, to sensors that detect a facility’s carbon monoxide levels, more data is streaming from IoT-enabled safety devices and systems than ever before.

But to truly reap the benefits of the IoT, bear in mind that scraping as much data as you can from your safety assets isn’t enough. You need an intelligent platform that can turn this information into action. Addressing this challenge, a new stream processing IoT Bridge evaluates safety device data against user-defined rules transforming this information into action in the form of digital workflows.

From proactively scheduling maintenance to shutting down power to a machine, these workflows have profound implications for the ways you handle machine safety and incident response.

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