Diverse IT Security Threats, Unified Protection: 5 Actions to Take Now

In any given week, we read about devastating hacks, penetrations, and thefts of millions of records by criminals, nation states, and rogue hackers. All the bad guys have to do is find one tiny flaw in your security, one not-quite-updated computer, one gullible or careless employee, one too-easy-to-guess password without a second factor of authentication — and they’re in.
Unfortunately, many early security solutions were rigid, hard to modify, and tremendously expensive in terms of both personnel overhead and management. Worse, they weren’t able to keep up with the pace of enemy innovation. Some of those systems are still installed and are vulnerable to new penetration techniques employed by organized malicious actors. You can no longer rely solely on perimeter defenses to protect your data center. In today’s threat environment, you must find ways to protect multivendor, multitenant infrastructure deployed in amorphous cloud environments that are often located outside your firewall but integrated logically into all of your most mission-critical operations.

Today’s organizations need solutions that use intelligent analytics to reduce the flood to a manageable list of offenses that may be investigated reasonably, quickly, and reliably by the security team. In this white paper, you’ll learn how you can protect your organization across cloud and on-premises environments, deploy a consistent security environment without siloes of data and processes, and beat back threats without beating down your own security teams. You’ll also find a look at the latest solutions for integrated on-premises and cloud infrastructure monitoring, assessment, intervention, and mitigation.

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