Docker Java Application with Solr, Mongo, & Cassandra: Design, Deployment, Service Discovery, and Management in Production

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Containerizing enterprise Java applications is still a challenge mostly because existing application composition frameworks do not address complex dependencies, external integrations or auto-scaling workflows post-provision. Moreover, the ephemeral design of containers meant that developers had to spin up new containers and re-create the complex dependencies & external integrations with every version update. Available in both the hosted and on premise versions, DCHQ simplifies and addresses the challenges of enterprise Java applications with an advance application composition framework. This framework extends Docker compose with cross-image environment variable bindings, extensible BASH script plug-ins that can be invoked at request time or post-provision and application clustering for high availability across multiple hosts or regions with support for auto scaling. The users can use the liquibase bean for checking the dataSource or running SQL statements in the file. It is ideal for initializing the connected MySQL and Oracle databases.
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